Elliptic Adds Support for Zcash and ZEN Privacy Tokens

Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company, has added two of the privacy coins, such as Zen and Zcash, to its monitoring platform. It is big news in the cryptocurrency world. The addition of these two coins gives a clear cut insight to both the exchanges and institutional investors to take proper due diligence measures after completionRead More

Can You Get Rich Trading Cryptocurrencies?

People are always a bit nervous while starting a business as they are not certain about the money they are going to make in the future. The same goes for the ones trading cryptocurrencies. Can you really make big profits by trading cryptocurrencies? Well, before that, let’s have a brief idea about it. Cryptocurrency isRead More

WhatsApp Launches Digital Payments In Brazil

WhatsApp launched a digital payment system in Brazil on 15th June, 2020, allowing WhatsApp users, across the country, to send and receive payments within a chat. This system will enable them to attach the payment as they would attach an image. In its blog post, WhatsApp said,” Payments on WhatsApp are beginning to roll outRead More

Binance Pool Now Accounts for the Most Mined Bitcoin SV Tokens

Binance Pool is the largest miner of Bitcoin Satoshi Version according to services platform Coin Dance. It is among the top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges worldwide, with CoinMarketCap as its subsidiary.  Binance Pool sums up to 26.3% mining of all the Bitcoin Satoshi Version blocks. Huobi and TAAL, respectively occupy the second and the third positionRead More