Implements Cryptojacking Exploits

At present, many scammers use different web viruses and crawlers to get the control of the computers of different users for mining cryptocurrencies. This is called cryptojacking.

Basic idea over Cryptojacking

It is defined as the unauthorized usage of a person’s computer in order to mine cryptocurrency. Scammers or hackers perform these tasks by luring the victim and finally makes the user click on some harmful or malicious link that loads different cryptomining scripts on the device. Or, they also infect an online advertisement or even a whole website with a .Js code that automatically gets loaded on any of the browsers victim uses.

After that, the cryptomining script starts running automatically in background. The victim will never get a hint of it and continue with his or her work normally. The odd thing that they can expect the most is they would find their device is running a little slower than before, which won’t usually cause any suspicion in the victim’s mind.

A Little More About Cryptojacking

Nobody actually has any idea how the cryptocurrencies are being mined by cryptojacking. However, there is no doubt that this task is executed out of control.

Cryptojacking based on browser spread faster. But nowadays it’s reducing most probably for the volatility of cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking does not even need any particular technical skills.

Important Cryptojacking Exploitation Events

  • On the basis of the report, Gold Rush Cryptocurrencies are the New Fraud in current market. Different cryptojacking kits are easily obtainable on the dark web for as little as 30 USD.
  • In 2018, in the month of January, Smominru cryptomining botnet was found that had already contaminated above half million devices. It occurred mainly in India, Russia, and Taiwan.
  • Positive Technology’s report: Cybersecurity-Threatscape-Q1 (2019), showed that cryptomining attacks has been reduced to 7% currently from 23% earlier in 2018.

The threat analyst of WatchGuard Technologies, Marc Laliberte had to say that cryptomining is in its early stage currently. He is a network security solutions provider at WatchGuard. He also added that there is enough space to grow.

He made the observation over Coinhive, it has created 300000 USD in the first month after launch. Coinhive is also easy to implement. He also said that it had expanded quite a lot after that.

How does it Operate?

The ones to do cryptojacking have two major techniques to make someone a victim under their noses.

  • In the first method, the victim is tricked and somehow mentally insisted to try clicking any malicious link and by this, cryptomining scripts get access to their devices. It’s done by luring the victim with the help of a very highlighted email that contains the link.
  • The second method is placing a script in the background code of an advertisement or a website. Then the ad or website link is shared on different online platforms. It pops up as soon as the victim visits the website. He might end up clicking on it as it might feel quite an attractive one.


No matter which technology is applied, the script runs in the targeted device and transfers the results to hacker’s server. Nonetheless, most of the time, hackers use both techniques at once in order to gain double. That was all you needed to be updated about cryptojacking exploits in recent times.