Can You Get Rich Trading Cryptocurrencies?

People are always a bit nervous while starting a business as they are not certain about the money they are going to make in the future. The same goes for the ones trading cryptocurrencies.

Can you really make big profits by trading cryptocurrencies? Well, before that, let’s have a brief idea about it. Cryptocurrency is a pseudo currency that is guarded by cryptography, making it almost impractical to duplicate.

How to Make a Huge Profit Trading Cryptocurrency?

There are more than 984 digital currencies all over the world, and new ones are still coming up. Thus, they have created a breeding ground for traders to make millions.

Earning money from cryptocurrency was comparatively easier when the markets were all heightening. A few adopters earlier earned 4057900% return by investing, at the time when bitcoin was being sold for $31 per unit only.

People trading Bitcoin and Altcoin turned out to be multi-millionaires within a flash. But, days have changed now. But don’t worry. Here are some suggestions you can follow to make millions by trading cryptocurrencies.

Rules to be Followed

  1. Be Quick

Traders have earned millions of buying assets and selling them within hours, which is infrequent these days. Always remember that buying low and selling high is the key. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies, but it is still new to people.

There are not many signatures of how long the bear market conditions will last. Therefore, as with any other investment, you should never go for trading more than you’re ready to lose.

  1. Stay Updated

Staying up to date is very crucial. Even if you miss a single day of the action in the cryptocurrency realm, it can be a huge loss in terms of money. Remain in the game everyday. It works 24 hours, but as a human being, you need rest.

A new development, a hard fork, or an exchange can make the price go high. That is why you can use trading bots, which you can set to keep up with the automated rules. This would help you keep yourself updated and prevent losing a big amount.

  1. Trade Futures

There are various cryptocurrency future exchanges that will let you go for trading futures contracts. It’s just a contract between the purchaser and the seller. It points to the exchange of the underlying cryptocurrency asset at a fixed price on a future date.

Future trading opens up a gate for money dealing cryptocurrency even during the price fall of BTC. Selling bitcoin makes the dealers think that the price will fall and enter the deal to sell at the initially secured higher BTC value. Being right makes them gain when the price falls.

  1. Going for Day Trading

It includes spot and margin trading. The spot means earning on your asset by trading it for another, hoping the asset makes a profit. Margin trading is borrowing money (leverage) for a payment. Some exchanges offer up to 100x leverage.

Margin trading is highly present in exchanges, the most prominent being BitMEX. So, this shows that you will be able to trade cryptocurrency with 100 times more than you have invested. Being successful can bring you unimaginably huge profits.


This type of business is like a gamble, always full of risk, and trading cryptocurrency is no less. But, there are people who earn millions and are among the richest ones globally. So, if you are planning to build a sturdy future by trading cryptocurrency, you have to take the chance.

It is not science, and there are no certainties. Luck obviously matters. But, what matters more is going through the right path with intelligence. That’s how you hit the jackpot. Just before going for it, make yourself informed with proper studies and research on cryptocurrency.